A Little Bit About Me

I’m just an average guy–whatever that is–who likes to travel, read, laugh, and learn. I am a middle and high school teacher at a small private school in Lake County, Florida. My girlfriend and partner Mariela is also a teacher. We work throughout the school year and then spend our summer breaks traveling and exploring this amazing and  fascinating world in which we live. The two of us have by no means traveled extensively (well, perhaps Mariela has, but my checklist of places is yet rather small)  but we are getting there. We both love learning about the history and culture of the places we go. Often, Mariela and I are accompanied on our journeys with my two children, Kyle and Emily, ages 17 and 13, respectively. I believe that the experience of traveling has a powerful impact on a child’s intellectual and emotional growth. I only wish that I could afford to take all of my students on these trips for just that reason.

Although I have a bachelors degree in history with a minor in English, I teach all subjects. My mother tells me that I have always been a natural born teacher with an enthusiasm for sharing everything I learn with everyone around me. I think I just have a passion for learning and assume that everyone else does too. It is this desire to share with others what I have learned that has inspired me to create this blog.

I enjoy writing, so you can expect to see lots of text here. I also like pictures. I will supplement my writing with some of my own photos (or give credit for photos from other sources). For the most part, the photographs I post here are taken by me with a smartphone camera. I don’t claim to be a photographer; I’m just a guy snapping pictures with a cell phone in the hopes some turn out decent. And thanks to modern technology, I do get some good ones.

My goal with this blog is simple. I intend to document what I learn on my trips. I will also share my thoughts and ideas about various topics related to travel. I want to keep it fun and educational so I will avoid posting too many rants here or engaging in partisan political screeds.

Remember, life is a journey through both time and space. Enjoy!